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Horse World Web: A new site for horse lovers
 Find resources, articles and information. Books, riding programs and product info to  progress. Interviews with horse people with unique  experience to share.  Wellness articles are a focus. This site offers the avid,  pleasure rider their own place. It’s about enjoying the journey & horses. 

Barn arena or outside in the home stable area, it’s all good! Horses are so adaptable! is about showing choices. There’s much technical info out there, it’s easy to be lost in the forest. Like us, horses are capable of change. We work most safely respecting heir limits and our own. A home barn offers innovative, unique solutions to progress our horses.

 Big horse, little horse. Hot horse, mild horse. Fast horse, slow horse. Multi-talented horse, specialist horse. Easy temperament horse complex temperament horse….the choices are myriad. We can choose our alter-ego type or choose our own temperament match. Horses vary, like people.

One of the biggest deals in riding is choosing a horse that is safe yet expanding for us. Often, riders choose complicated goals. These can slow down basic skill development and bring disappointment to a sport we love. If we’re not competitors, why choose competitor goals? If we want to be safe hacking in the forest, why choose a hot horse with little outside experience? Remember in school when we got dancing partners that didn’t suit us? Did we want to keep dancing with them? No, we wanted another partner. The same can be true with our riding horse. 

Dorothy Crosby, Centerd Riding Instructor at Southmowing Stables in Guilford VT teaches lesson in the arena. Centered Ridiing was developed by the renowned Sally Swift. How the rider uses their body is a major aspect of riding well and helping the horse to move his best.  

As Director of the Riding Program at Southmowing Stables in Guilford, VT., her responsibilities include horse management as well as overseeing the riding program. Workshops, clinics, special events, and lessons are offered at both locations; Dorothy also travels for clinics and to instruct riders at other locations. She was pleased to present two Centered Riding workshops at Equine Affaire MA 2017.


Workshops for 2019 to be announced.


Riding in indoor arenas is a different experience from riding  a country road. Other horses, limited area, props, people coming and going —-there are many distractions for the less experienced horse and rider. There is a huge opportunity here for both to grow, if the tasks aren’t pushing rider or horse over their edge of competency. Just bending to the right around a slower horse can be a big deal for a large or stiff horse and rider not used to tighter quarters.

Relax. Do the simple, easy things until confidence is higher. If canter is daunting, stick to walk and trot. Learn which horses are irritable and how to ride around them. It’s not their fault.  Build a “less is more” approach so that your rides succeed.

Learn how to help your horse….

investigate what you want to solve.

Consider the possibilities..

CBD oil helps pain and other conditions, check it out for yourself. 

Fascia work with the hands helps stiffness, pain and loss of movement range.

The DVD shows you how to work with your horse, including cranio sacral releases. 

It works.Fascia is progressive and self-intelligent.



Have a specialty or experience to share? contact us via email or at 505-501-2290. New ideas, experiences and stories are welcome.
horses, riding, centered riding, wellness/health,fascia,conformation balancing